Spawngrid HasTests (HT) is a SaaS framework for performing comprehensive randomized testing of web applications, using real browsers.

It allows to specify application’s concepts, flows and data generators and perform continuous integration process using a wide range of data generated in run time. It delivers the simplest possible scenario that triggers the failure.

What's in it for me?

Have an existing application developed in another language but want to migrate over to Erlang? We provide a service of gradual migration to Erlang/OTP to select client. Your application can continue working uninterruptedly while having bottlenecks replaced with improved components.

  • Ensuring that web application behaves correctly without implementing every theoretically possible test case scenario manually.
  • Maintaining consistency & quality of the output produced by a QA team; ensuring that no details are overseen and changes are well communicated to the team.

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Spawngrid Tendita is a software appliance for building distributed systems.

“This technology allows you to implement distributed systems using proven algorithms in well tested implementations (such as Riak). If you don't grok distributed systems, rely on folks that do.” - Eric B. Merritt, CTO at Afiniate


Did you know? This appliance is powered by one of the best open source toolkits, Riak Core. Yet, you don't have to write in Erlang, re-invent coordinators or have a neckbeard.

  • Reliable & redundant. This self-contained appliance turns every node into a member of a coherent cluster. Production-ready technology stack under the hood.
  • Language-agnostic. Use the programming language of your choice to power up your new & existing services. We even provide libraries for most popular stacks.
  • This Dynamo-inspired architecture is a proven foundation of the most powerful NoSQL databases.

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